School – good and bad memories

This afternoon I watched The Breakfast Club – a classic and it has been many years since I have seen it.  It got me thinking about school and how much it changes once you start at secondary school. For my American readers that is, actually I’m not sure. Let me have a look on wikipedia. Well, that is confusing but it seems to be middle school or maybe high school. Anyway, from the age of five to ten, school tends to be quite good and fun. I have some pretty fond memories of my early years at school – school trips to Wales and going caving in an over-sized boiler suit; winning first place in an art competition for my painting of the penguins from Mary Poppins; practising my actress skills by being chosen to make a video for teaching parents to read to their kids(!); winning the 100 metres race and enjoying sport; reading the BFG and the Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe; learning about Greek Gods (I think I still have my old Greek Gods exercise book in the loft); play-time in the playground with my friends.

It all seemed to go wrong once I started secondary school (age 11). I do have some good memories of secondary school but the not-so-nice memories seem to out weigh those. Suddenly all my old school friends were in different classes including my best friend, which just compounded my shyness and I was no longer good at running the 100 metres. Actually, my whole non-competitive attitude to sport didn’t help one bit at school and anyway, the sports teachers always had their favourites. I hated all the ‘normal’ English sports like netball and field hockey. If only ice skating/hockey was on the agenda. Most of the other kids in the school were horrible and tens times taller than me. Thinking back to the Breakfast Club and all the stereotypes that it portrays, I was never one of the cool kids or one of the nerdy kids. Just one of the normal kids I suppose but with puberty and maybe most teenagers feel like this but I think I spent most of my time trying to fit in with everyone else. So here is the other reason for writing this, there is a school reunion in May at a local pub. Should I go and listen to all the chat about who is living where, what job you do and how many kids you do or don’t have or should I just avoid it?


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