Work, work and yet more work

The working week – in France there is a law that they can’t work over 35 hours a week and the EU are trying to get the UK to join the 48 hour law. It has been reported that the British workers work the longest hours in Europe but I doubt in the world. For one I think the Japanese work longer hours but also Americans. I only bring this up as one of my American colleagues had her second child over the weekend and today she was working from her hospital bed. Two things are incredible here. One that she is dedicated enough to feel bad about her daughter arriving two weeks early and not finishing off everything. Secondly, there is wireless connections in American hospitals! We not even allowed to use mobile phones in hospitals even though my sister-in-law used hers last year while in hospital after a c-section. It was her only way to communicate with family because she couldn’t move properly and the nurses were crap.

Think of all the boredom that could be relieve if there was free (actually the NHS would never make it free) wireless then patients could watch, play or just catching up with news when they want. I wouldn’t recommend working while in hospital but if you love your job why not. So who does work the hardest/longest? I’m sure every country will say it’s theirs.  Rather oddly since I’ve been working longer hours I’ve not bothered with totalling up the hours for overtime which I could take as holiday – I’m still on an old contract before the Americans took us over and should be able to claim back time after I have worked over one hour. Things is even in the old days I never bothered that much with writing down overtime unless I worked a good few hours in one go. Some people would write down every minute and clock up weeks off work. Nowadays, I just glad that I am working on jobs that I enjoy and my company has given me that opportunity, which means working a bit late. Also, I need to keep ahead of the times especially in this ‘economic downturn’.


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