Living in the Big Smoke

While walking back to Embankment station tonight from the office through the Covent Garden area (link to map included for any stalkers), I noticed that the lights on at the windows above All Bar One. Big Victorian sash windows and through them I could see high ceilings and pictures on the wall. The next window showed kitchen cupboards which made me think that, wow, that’s someones home. How cool that would be to live in the centre of town! Not like me with an hour’s train journey ahead of me to get home. Living in the middle of town is something for the young to do – easy to get home from after clubbing!

Travelling to and from work would be a dream too but how to handle the continuous stream of tourists. In summer with the windows open – the noise from everyone outside would be unbearable to hear every night. I think that’s why it would only suit the young or someone who is deaf. The old office was in Rosebery Avenue, near Clerkenwell Rd and that area was full of residential areas – mostly council-owned but it was just far enough out of the city for me to think it would be a great place to live. Oh well, I’m grounded in Essex and I don’t think London living is for me but it’s interesting to think what people are like who live in the Big Smoke, makes me slightly envious of them!


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