Valentine’s Day – who thought of this rubbish?

Being a cynical type of person I am very dubious of Valentine’s Day. I believe it was invented by Clinton Cards/Hallmark or by the red rose brigade in The Netherlands so people will spend a small fortune on cards and red roses.  Last year was interesting though, as it was on weekday and a few US colleagues (female ones as well) wished me a Happy Valentine’s Day. Very odd for a Brit to hear that but then I found out that it’s a bit of a bigger thing in the States and kids take cards and presents to school for their friends. Valentine’s Day in the UK, for me anyway, is best remembered when I was about 17/18 and posting a secret Valentine card to someone I fancied. I remember me and a friend of mine walking up to his parent’s house and running away giggling.  Don’t think I heard from him but as most Valentine cards are secret how can anyone tell who they are from.  My other Valentine story was when I was 15 and my boyfriend at the time got me chocolates, a teddy bear and maybe flowers but all I know is that it scared the life out of me and the following week I think we broke up. Trying to remember that long ago it’s all a bit hazy.

Since I was 20 I thought it is all a bit rubbish and have no desire to celebrate it – packed restaurants and overpriced love-themed gifts. Then again I’m not a great lover of all things romantic – candlelit dinners for two, books/films about love (chick-lit stuff), isolated holidays on islands and love songs (80’s love songs are the worst especially at school discos and nightclubs – send shivers down my back at the thought). Blimey this is almost as bad as my thoughts about Christmas. Still it does bring back some fun(!) memories of not getting any secret Valentine cards when I was younger and avoiding boys at school discos/nightclubs at the slow song section by hiding in the toilets!


1 Response to “Valentine’s Day – who thought of this rubbish?”

  1. 1 Sally March 6, 2009 at 6:33 pm

    Actually, it was probably Geoffrey Chaucer who is responsible for Valentine’s Day, regardless of the stories the priests tell you about St. Valentine.

    Ever since his “Parliament of Foules” became known, Valentine’s Day has been associated with lovers. In the poem, the birds gather to select their mates on St. Valentine’s Day.There is a long article about this in the literary Journal Speculum.

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