Local farmers’ markets

Locally on the first Thursday of each month there is a farmers’ market held on the main street of my town and the stall holders are normally setting up in the morning when I’m walking to the station for work.  I keep meaning to book a ‘work from home’ day so I can go and get some wonderful fresh vegetables from the various veg stalls. I’ve also seen other stalls of meats, cheeses, breads and cakes, deli foods like sun-dried tomatoes and these are the only stalls that I have seen setting up. In the local newsletter that is delivered I noticed that at the local forestry commission centre nearby was having a farmers market today, so I thought why not – a nice walk across the fields and a bit of shopping.

It was a nice bright day and a good walk across the fields, which were muddy after all the rain we had on Thursday last week. A lot of slip sliding and with walking boots about a ton heavier with all the mud attached to them it made an interesting hike. I like to say hike but around my neck of the woods it is as flat as a pancake and not enough “green” land to walk across but one can pretend.  The so-called farmers’ market was such a disappointment. There was one vegetable stall (80p for a parsnip), an organic bread stall, home-made pies, a local pig farmer selling sausages and ribs, the local organic shop selling cheeses and a deli-style stall with olives and baklava. The rest of the stalls were selling other peoples rubbish like old toys, books, china and other stuff that no-one else wants, like a jumble sale. Most odd and not what I would expect to find at a farmers’ market. Needless to say we left after about 15 minutes and made the slippy walk home but the baklava was good.


1 Response to “Local farmers’ markets”

  1. 1 Alex February 18, 2009 at 4:26 pm

    You didn’t mention about the strange lady selling books!

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