Corporate events

As most of my regular readers and friends will know I have been complaining and moaning a lot lately about organising an event for work.  Well, now the event is finally over – two day events for 15 people and one evening dinner for 50. Thank God for that, is all I can say. It is a bittersweet moment as organising it all (considering I only took over the project halfway though and half the work was already done) was really painful but the dinner was a very enjoyable event.  Most of the stress came from the fact that I was already busy with my normal job and event organising just took over my life. A 14-hour work day yesterday and up at 6am again this morning, might just have topped it off.  I did managed to get back to normal activities this afternoon and started to tackle the 285 emails in my in-box.

The day events I can’t really talk about as I didn’t attend them, just arrived in the morning to make sure everything was set up well. They were held at the Sofitel St James, which is a really nice French-owned hotel in the centre of London. The staff were great and I loved the fact that they always said “boujour” to me.  The evening event was at Hibiscus in Maddox Street and a 2-starred Michelin restaurant. The whole of the restaurant was taken over by my company and the restaurant staff were amazing at keeping everything flowing and running smoothly.  The food and drink was amazing, as was the people on my table who were very friendly. This is the first time I have met many of our clients, many of whom I have known their names for over 10 years – putting faces to names was a rather pleasing experience.  As I’m not an analyst at my company I was limited on ‘work’ conversation but I did get asked a lot of questions about what I do and everyone was intrigued by my company’s working from home policy especially about how many of my American colleagues who work all over America from the East Coast, to the Midwest, to the West Coast. I hope the clients enjoyed the evening and my trivial conversation. As I said above, I’m just relieved that it is all finished now.


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