The three Rs – reading, running and writing

Some random thoughts in my own unique rambling style, well that’s why I started this blog. By the way, I know writing is spelt with a “w” but if you come to Essex you might miss it when someone says “righting”. Working long hours over the past few weeks causes me to remiss on a lot of activities that I should be doing outside of work. I’m still trying to get back into reading War & Peace – it is a really enjoyable story but when I’m tired it’s hard picking it up and looking at the tiny text. Also, I get hand-ache as it is such a big book, it would be easier to read in three separate books like Lord of the Rings. I’ve got until May to finish before I go on holiday. I’ve set this deadline because my husband laughed when I said I would finish it by then and I like a challenge to prove him wrong.

Running is also the other thing that I have been neglecting. Getting home at around 8pm hungry, running is the last thing I think about but I’m hoping to get back in to this weekend. I’m still rubbish at running so I need to get back in to it and try to improve. Keeping in touch with friends is another item – either by phone, email or text is proving difficult at the moment. The other more boring item is ironing – this morning while running late I couldn’t find anything suitable for work that was already ironed. Luckily after a bit of rummaging in my wardrobe I found a plain white t-shirt. Shame as my CEO and other work colleagues were in the office today and it was a good opportunity to wear something nice or at least something smart. I can go back to jeans as it is casual Friday tomorrow. My blog is the only thing that I’ve managed to keep up with surprisingly but I do think that’s because it’s an addiction now.


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