High on sugar… then the low

I’ve just spent the afternoon with my friends at a local hotel having a very British time with “afternoon tea”.  Small smoked salmon, egg mayonnaise, cheese and tomato finger sandwiches to start with followed by scones with clotted cream and jam, mini selection of cakes and fruit cake slices. With copious amounts of tea I’m now all full of sugar and caffeine. I’m not hyperactive like kids are after eating sweets and drinking sugary drinks but feeling a bit low after the initial sugar rush. It’s also causing me to have a lack of focus while writing. I’ll most probably read this tomorrow and wonder what I was rambling about.

I’m having a serious lack of focus at the moment – made this discovery last week after chatting with a friend about having a lack of time when it came to organising a corporate event. It’s actually lack of focus and not lack of time that is the real problem, my friend said.  How true that is and my life seems like that all the time at the moment. And I thought it was because I was just lazy! Maybe I am lazy with a lack of focus – doomed to do anything constructive.  So, how to change my lack of focus – well, with work it’s just a case of getting the work done but with home life I need to get some positive attitude back for my running and to try to stop worrying so much.  I need to get back in to learning HTML and getting the redecoration of the house finished. Sorting out the household filing. Clear out the loft of all my rubbish. Order a new bookcase so all the books can be moved out of the spare bedroom. I don’t want to write a long list of things I need to do on here but I’m going to start tomorrow with some running, ironing and sorting out my wardrobes as a start.  A new year resolution-style commitment – bring back some focus, stop worrying and stop being so lazy. BTW – I had a lovely time with my mates!


2 Responses to “High on sugar… then the low”

  1. 1 Otto Mann March 1, 2009 at 8:01 am

    oi you british.

    mate, I’m a yank and I think your tea and crumpets are bloody awful!

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