2 for the price of 1

I’m not talking about two packets of toilet roll for the price of one but doing two jobs for the price of one. I haven’t even thought about it like that until my sister-in-law mentioned it to me yesterday when we were chatting. “Are you getting paid extra for covering someone else’s job while they are on maternity leave?”, “no, I’m not”. Now I don’t mind, as I have worked for the same small company for over the past 10 years and know that everyone has to muck in when needed but it is an interesting thought. With all these redundancies and lay-offs that are happening globally, it is mainly mentioned in the news about how many thousands of people are out of work but there is hardly any mentioned of the people who are lucky to keep their jobs.

Are they lucky? If you are working in a department of twenty people and half of the team are made redundant, is it because there is no work for those ten people or is it just a cost cutting exercise. If it is a cost cutting exercise, then what happens to the people left? Working hard, long hours and just keeping their heads above water by doing two jobs for the price of one with the fear that if they don’t then they might be on the next cost cutting exercise. The next problem will be stress followed by illness and time off work. Meaning more work for other staff to do. I can understand if a company is running on a shoe string just to maintain the work force that it has left but I’m sure a few companies streamline for two reasons – to get rid of dead wood and save money for bigger bonuses for the big bosses, all under the disguise of the economy crunch.  It’s a real no win situation at the moment, made all the worse by the news reporting everything in such depressing tones.


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