Now all the stress has eased

So all the stress has passed from the hell of the week that was last week and the adrenaline has stopped flowing through my veins, which just means I now feel like crap. Can I call it post-traumatic event organising stress? The older I get the worst I am at dealing with stress – it feels like I should get better with age at dealing with it, like a good wine improves with age. Feeling not quite right just makes me sad and miserable – I would just like a week where everyday I feel fine and well. Happy and not worrying about everything.¬† Half the problem is that I can’t work out if it is my mind that is causing this odd unwellness or if it lack of exercise, lack of some type of food or something else (that I can worry about).

Lack of exercise most probably doesn’t help, maybe not eating meat is a cause but I’ve been a semi-veggie for so long that I’m not really sure it is that but it is an option worth exploring. As my best friend is back from Australia and a follow semi-veggie, we talked about the whole going back to eating meat again at the weekend. I’m still not sure but I’ll keep thinking about it. So that means it must be all in my mind, my crazy mind making me ill. I’m trying to remember my yoga breathing techniques and writing about it on here seems to help a small bit but I would just like to feel well like I did when I first started this blog nearly a year ago. Half the issue is my health anxiety which means if I fill unwell I conclude I’ve got a serious condition followed by my fear of doctors, which means I don’t want to go to the doctors. This then makes me stressed and worried = feeling even more ill. So I’m stuck in this horrible cycle that doesn’t seem to stop – like being stuck on the Circle Line on the tube and not being about to get off.


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