Going slightly mad

Oh dear, another therapy post. For the first time in a good few years I actually thought to myself ‘I need a new job’ today. But then I remembered that this database shit that I helping out on will only last until May. Still that didn’t stop me being an emotional wreck this afternoon even when all the problems were resolved and colleagues were being nice to me. That still didn’t stop me from welling up. I’m so stupid at times for being like this. Kind of wish I lived on my own so I can get it all out of system – my husband doesn’t understand me when I’m like this. Oh well, a nice Manhattan will do the trick.

I got distracted but I was going to write about being told off by your in-laws for not keeping in touch with them very often. I think the problem here is that my sister-in-law lives 2 seconds away from them (plus 3 grandchildren) and sees them everyday with my other brother-in-law popping in a lot to theirs as he works local (plus another grandchild). Both of us work long hours with at least an hours travel home and the last thing during the week I want to do is visit people. Weekends are busy catching up with stuff and I have my own life.  Is this wrong of me… maybe. It’s not even like we only see them every six months – at least once a month we see them.  Families, eh?


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