Highlights of the week

After moaning and being miserable about everything lately, I thought I should write about the happy highlights for the past week instead of spreading all the negative thoughts to my readers. This week was better than last week as out of five days I felt OK for three of those as compared to feeling out of sorts for the past few weeks. I am finally feeling like I’m on top of all my work so next week can only get better.  The main highlight this week is getting tickets for the Hard Rock Calling gig at the end of June to see the Fleet Foxes – woowho.  Also, playing is Seasick Steve, which should be good, Ben Harper, who my American friend said is very good so I had better listen to some of his music and Neil Young. I suppose I had better listen to some Neil Young as well before I go but as long as the sun is shining and I get to see the Foxes, that is all that matters!

Other highlights include remembering that I have some wonderful friends at work, spring feels like it is nearly here and I love hearing the birdsong in the morning, enjoying Easter already by eating lots of Hot Cross Buns and even had a Creme Egg the other day, I got my credit card back working for online purchases but actually surprised that not having it and made to use my debit card instead is a good thing, and lastly today is Friday and that means Manhattan night! But also, I’m trying a new cocktail tonight thanks to my ‘bartender’ recommending a White Lady – gin-based, which is new for me as I’ve never been known as a gin drinker.  I’ll keep you posted on this little experiment. Happy Friday everyone!


1 Response to “Highlights of the week”

  1. 1 Cynical Scribble March 13, 2009 at 11:31 pm

    That Hard Rock Calling looks good. Neil Young and Springsteen are on Glastonbury the same weekend. I’m dying to see Fleet Foxes though, love their album. And Seasick Steve is ace live, that’ll be an ace day 🙂

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