Summer holidays

Yesterday and for a bit at lunchtime today I’ve been researching where to go for my summer holiday. Being the women of the household I get to decide and America is where I’ve decided on. But where in the States, it’s bloody huge. I’ve only been to California so that leaves 49 other States to choose from. My husband has two requirements – mountain biking and if hiring a car it has to be a SUV. Meanwhile I was thinking of free wifi access, hiking and maybe some live music. I was thinking of hijacking a friends holiday idea and go to a festival in Colorado to see Conor Oberst but decided against mainly because of nicking someone else’s idea. Also, after tallying up some costs it would be about £3k – I’m sure I could make it cheaper if I tried again.

I have other ideas including to Philadelphia and spending a few days there and then catching the train to either NYC or Washington DC. Could hire a car and travel to some other States close by like New Jersey, Maryland, Virginia. Not sure where mountain biking or hiking fits in there, though. Or maybe Chicago would be a good base to start with and then driving through Wisconsin up to Minnesota. Minnesota has some mountains and lakes so that is good for biking and hiking.  Or maybe Moab in Utah, which has a massive mountain biking culture and could mean a road trip to Vegas as well, according to a travel website. I’m just not sure where or when and how much to spend. All I know is that I don’t fancy two weeks in Spain or staying at home – I would like to see more of the world.


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