Stress, Guinness and Kendal Mint Cake

I don’t deal with stress very well – can’t you tell by my previous miserable posts. Even a few years ago when I didn’t have enough to do and I was bored with the little work that I did, I found that stressful and depressing. Now that I am really busy I’m just as stressed but as I get on top of things I still feel not quite right especially in the mornings. In the afternoons I have my American colleagues to chat with so it helps to take my mind off things. I suppose that is what it all boils down to – I need other people to distract my worries. Anyway, I’m taking one day at a time.

On a lighter note, the Irish have invaded London today with all things green and alcoholic. Surprisingly most of the pubs were just as busy as they normally are at the beginning of the week when I left work tonight. Still a lot of Guinness was being drunk and quite a few silly foam Guinness hats being worn about the streets. After talking to my US colleagues it felt like that the Americans celebrate it more than us but I did introduce them to Irish Potato Cakes. Which are yummy with a full breakfast as I discovered when we visited friends who live in Northern Ireland. Talking of food, I purchased a ton of Kendal Mint Cake for my team members last year, which I was going to give out at our annual meeting but as that was cancelled I’m giving it away to colleagues that I speak to the most and those few friends who are on Twitter. My teeth will appreciate this as it has all got to be eaten by July. Just got to see about US Customs for sending food in the post otherwise they might blow it up.


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