Losing the countryside

For the past few months I have noticed that a murder of crows have moved in to the local area – they are so noisy that it is hard not to notice them. So this morning, being all sunny and spring-like, I had the bathroom window open and I could hear the birdsong from the sparrows and the chaffinches and cooing from the big fat pigeons. Then the crows started – screaming at each other. It’s not the crows fault – obviously their natural habitat of farmland and woodlands has been disturbed, normally in the name of development. Living so close to London and within the M25 the so-called Green Belt is slowly getting smaller.  Farmland isn’t being built on but farmers are no longer sowing crops so the farmlands turns to rough waste land or as proposed by the council some land is in the planning department to become a permanent residence for showgrounds people. In my mind, they have got to have somewhere to live but I feel that in years to come when they might move on, the council then might give a developer planning permission to build on it.

Which brings me back to my idea of moving out to the countryside. Maybe it comes with age but the idea of seeing fields or woodland on a daily basis would be a dream.  A slower place of life and a better sense of community.  Not sure what family would say about moving out, say a whole hour away! Most probably a lot of ‘Why?’ from the in-laws but they should be lucky it isn’t Australia.  Maybe I’m just looking for something to do to stop me from worrying about ‘me’ so moving house is a good way to do that or dreaming about it. But so is getting a dog or after watching the Orangutan Diaries on BBC 2, a baby Orangutan would be cute (OK, I know that is wrong but they were really cute), and at least that way all the ‘when are you having kids?’ talk would stop!


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