Talking about oneself

Over the past few days I been talking to friends as a few of them were a tad worried about me and my slightly depressed posts. It’s nice to catch up with them – just doesn’t seem to happen that often. (mental note to oneself ‘keep in touch more’). Still it was nice to chat and this afternoon I actually felt almost normal. In one of my conversations with my friend it was mentioned that I don’t really talk about myself – I don’t let friends know what I’m really thinking as oppose to saying “I’m OK” all the time. I’ve always been like that, I’m more of a listening type, also I think I will bore people if I am talking about me. That’s why I like writing my blog – a way to express my feelings (most of them anyway). Short post today as I’m out with friends for a yummy Thai. I really should get ready or I’ll be late.


1 Response to “Talking about oneself”

  1. 1 sue March 22, 2009 at 11:47 am

    talk yo your friends that’s what we are here for!!!!!!!!!!

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