The London free papers

The London Lite: a free daily newspaper given out in the evenings throughout London. Owned by the DMGT group with the Daily Mail being the most bigoted, racist paper in the UK. Even The Sun isn’t that bad. The Sun just dumbs down the news for the ignorant. So here is a snapshot of the news courtesy of London Lite. The front page contains all the important figures in Great Britain today: The Queen, Simon Cowell, Alan Sugar and Sir Fred Goodwin. Scarlett Johansson was the bit of totty for all the lads. Real news: Iraq war probe, Obama backs Brown in rescue plan, Sinn Fein man on PC death charge, email less safe than a postcard, healthy meals could kill off schools dinners. All of these were tiny ten line articles.

They rest of the news was full of celebrity gossip and propaganda by health ministers which talked about cutting the size of wine glasses in pubs. Smokers and drinkers will always be punished for enjoying themselves. Now I’m bored with reading this paper but like with the Metro (also owned by DMGT) in the morning, I’m amazed by how so many people read them on the trains. Michael McIntyre does a great impression of what he calls the ‘Metro readers’ that seem to take over the tube trains in the mornings but can I find this video online, no!  Writing my blog in two parts – first part on the train and now trying to finish it off late does not help matters. On that note it is time to turn the laptop off.


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