A lack of connection

I’m writing this with a sense of apprehension as since about 8pm the internet connection in my house has been so slow that it is impossible to do anything that I would like to do.  I managed to do about 20 minutes of work when I was hoping to do a bit more. Twitter won’t load at all and Page Load Error keeps appearing when I click on to any other site.  So am I writing this with the fear that I will lose everything that I have just written or I won’t be able to publish the post until tomorrow.  It just proves to me how much I need the internet. For my blog, twittering, all of my work is web-based, watching TV online and checking out websites. I had plans for buying a gift for a friend, check my bank account, check out some more ideas for the summer holiday and reply to some friends emails. Damn! I’m not going to write anymore just in case I lose everything – I’m blaming it on Obama flying in to Essex tomorrow, the secret service are monitoring/restricting the internet!


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