Finding your own style

I like fashion, actually I love fashion but I just can’t seem to find ‘my look’. I’m too old to wear whatever the latest fashion is of the moment but I don’t what to become one of these types that just end up wearing the same type of clothes for the next twenty years. Another problem with getting older is that I have started to appreciate the quality of well made clothes. Not the rubbish that the likes of Primark make. My set style at the moment is jeans, trainers and a long-sleeved top with my faithful grey cardigan. With warmer days ahead I am looking forward to wearing more fun, summer clothing.

I would love to be more funky and quirky with fashion. I’m not talking about Carrie from Sex and the City quirky but my own look. A lack of confidence makes me shy away from being that funky but there are times when I do break from the norm. I don’t like the whole ‘follow the fashion brigade’ – I haven’t done the whole skinny jeans look, purely because I’m too short. I would just look stupid and even shorter in them. I’m not keen on the leggings look either but that’s because I did that look when I was a teenager. Looking on the TopShop site recently was scary as most of this seasons fashion is heavily inspired by the 80s from ‘boyfriend jackets’ to espadrilles. The 80s had to be the worst decade for fashion and I can’t believe it is coming back round again. The one item of clothing that I love is a jacket or coat. I can’t help myself if I see a cool jacket in a shop and the amount it costs doesn’t seem to bother me unlike spending the same amount on a pair of shoes. Ooh, now I have a feeling for a new jacket for spring and I work in just the right area for that – in the middle of Covent Garden.


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