It’s the weekend – part deux

Saturday started off as a bit of a surprise as I got up really late – 11am. But I didn’t get to bed until 12.30am and I remember having a slightly restless time during the course of the night by waking up coughing and then having some weird dreams. Anyway, I spent the rest of the day resting on the sofa except for when I walked in to town to place a bet on the Grand National.  It keeps my gambling habit at bay by betting on the horses once a year.  I decided on five horses in the end and I didn’t win a thing but at least three of the horses that I picked finished. I also managed to watch the pilot and the first episode of Twin Peaks, which I haven’t seen since the 90s when it was first on TV. I don’t think it has ever been repeated either but I enjoyed watching it again. The only problem with feeling ill in the spring is that it makes me feel guilty about sitting around when the weather is so lovely, but hopefully spending the day resting will make me feel better soon.

Below is a photo of a brooch (can also be a necklace as well) that my best friend got me from Australia.

Silver Leaf

Silver Leaf

It’s wonderful, isn’t it.  It is made by taking a real leaf that is dipped in to three types of metal before being dipped in to sterling silver.  What a great way to make natural looking jewellery.  I’m very much looking forward to wearing it as either a brooch or as a necklace since I found a silver plain necklace that goes with it perfectly.  Well, that’s my Saturday – might watch a DVD now and have a few drinks.

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