Finally, some exercise

Today I actually managed to do some exercise for about the first time in about four weeks. An hour walks with my friend Sim. We walked fairly quickly while chatting as we haven’t seen each other for a few weeks. Blimey, it was amazing how knackered I felt half way round and when I got home, as it has been so long since I’ve done anything. Apparently, it takes just two weeks to lose your fitness levels while it takes weeks and weeks to gain a good level of fitness.  Still I know it is good for my physical and mental health so my plan is to work from home on Wednesday so I can try and get a short run in to continue with my exercise.

I need to get back in to ice-skating as well as I haven’t been for ages either especially after the last time I went to the rink it was packed, full of people who can’t skate.  I shouldn’t really say that as we are all once beginners for most sports (unless you had pushy parents and made to do your chosen sport before you could walk) but when all you want to do is skate in a comfortable environment without lots of kids (and adults) who think they can skate and just getting in the way.  Firstly, I must get my boots sharpened as they are blunt as anything, most probably not as blunt as the hire skates but I can tell they need sharpening. Since my local rink doesn’t do sharpening anymore I will have to travel for about 40 minutes to the next rink to get them done.  Luckily with the long Easter weekend coming up I will have the time to do that.  Well, now for some dark chocolate and then finally, for some sleep. Feeling slightly better for doing some exercise so feeling good for the moment.


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