The WI and the like

On the way home tonight, while on the train, opposite me there was two ladies of a certain age (over 60, shall we say) and they were both dressed in purple suits (not identical) with lilac tops. Lots of gold jewellery (the sort that women of a certain age like to wear – everything their husband/kids have given them over the years) and a nifty gold brooch, which I can only describe as Bambi or a cute Disney type animal on the left lapel of their jackets. My first thought on seeing them was “they must belong to a women’s club”. At what age does a women suddenly think I would like to hang about with thirty other women of the same age and go on trips so we can talk about incontinence pads and boast about the grandchildren?

My mother belongs to a women’s club (not the Women’s Institute) as she doesn’t make jams or enter competitions over the best Victoria sponge but they are a big group of women who get together once a week at a local hall and go on trips together. When I think about it my mother has always gone to this club but I can’t imagine 40-somethings joining nowadays, so the average age must be 60 in this day and age.  On a personal note I couldn’t think of anything worse than being with a big group of women – I like the company of men too much. I like the variation of talk that men can bring to the table. Women have a habit of talking about illness, money, shopping and children quite a lot and repeating themselves quite a bit.  So, hopefully I won’t fall in to the trap of joining a group like this when I’m older and I will avoid the purple and lilac outfits.


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