Easter weekend

I’m not a religious type (call me an atheist) and after watching Eddie Izzard (again) on Google Video where he talks about the Pagans, Jesus and Easter it got me thinking about this whole Easter occasion.  I could easily re-type his whole dialogue about this subject but fear my skills of audio typing aren’t up to scratch and I wonder what copyright laws are out there about this sort of copying.  Anyway, I do find it odd how Easter is part Christianity and part Pagan festival.  I’m kind of guessing that the Christians wouldn’t like to have Easter associated with Paganism but I’m not that knowledgeable behind the history of Easter so I’m second guessing here.

On the BBC site I took one of the ‘7 Questions’ quizzes on the religious side of Easter and only got one right (that was by a stoke of luck because they are multiple choice). I have no interest in joining a religion but I sometimes feel I should know some of the basics of the most popular religions as they are mentioned in most current affairs and then I can make good jokes about them without the fear of getting my facts wrong. The BBC website has some good background pages on most religions so one day I might read up on them. So to finish off this post I am going to finish with what Jesus – oops sorry Brian said at the Crucifixion on the Life of Brian, “Always look on the bright side of life,… Always look on the bright side of life”.


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