Obsessed fan

Since being introduced to Conor Oberst/Bright Eyes last year by my American colleague/friend Mike (I’ve always wonder when colleagues become friends and how some do and don’t but I’ll explore that another time), I have become obsessed by Oberst’s music.  It almost borders on my teenager obsessions with Bros and Five Star but I don’t collect every piece of news about Oberst and put them in a scrap book for my parents to throw away two years later when they find them in the loft. Still it’s quite a nice feeling to follow a musician that I can get very excited about when new albums are released or when a tour starts. For years I have liked certain bands and buy their albums but I’ve never been this obsessed by them and never felt the urge to see them live.  Oddly, that changed last year and now I’ve seen quite a few bands but none get me excited as Conor Oberst does. Maybe it’s an odd teenage crush I have on him, umm I hope I don’t turn in to one of those ladies who chase Cliff Richard or Tom Jones around the world throwing their underwear at them while they are singing. Yikes, that’s a scary thought.

Anyway, Conor Oberst has a new album out in May, a documentary about last years tour out next week and a tour starting now across America.  I keep hoping he will come back over to Europe so I can see him and the Mystic Valley Band again as I enjoyed it so much last time.  As there are no current UK dates on Oberst site I keep planning in my head trips to America so I can fit in a time to see him – Minneapolis at the end of June or Connecticut at the beginning of July.  The only problem I have is conceiving my husband that it would be worth well to travel thousands of miles to see a band.  He isn’t that much of an Oberst fan so the only way I can get him to the USA is to include some mountain biking in to the mix. That rules out Connecticut but Minnesota has some mountain biking areas and trails so this is looking like the best trip at the moment. The other option is give it all a rest and just book a holiday to America for later in the year. Maybe with luck Oberst will keep touring all year and come to the UK.


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