Corporate Twittering

At my team meeting today the conversation turned to Twitter and it’s corporate uses. I use Twitter to follow friends, make new friends and find out interesting things that I might not have know before. I have a few companies and news followers as well but I wasn’t sure if the whole corporate Twitter would work. Just proves I have a non-business mind as it is now big business in the world of business and marketing. I remember following a comedian and all his tweets were written by his PR person, which after ten or so tweets I found it boring. I didn’t want to know that he playing here or there that night. Whereas the more personal tweets are just right even with some PR thrown into the mix.

So that does pose the problem with corporate Twittering – personal or not. Would a marketing person just tweet a few words and then always post a link to the website, which is a tad boring but professionals don’t want to hear what the CEO had for lunch that day. It has to be a fine mix between the two with a bit of humour thrown in for good measure. I suppose the first job for any corporate Twitterer is to make sure you can get your username to match up with the company name. No point having a company called “Joe Bloggs” and the twitter account is “Joe4590” – no one would match the two up then there is no branding opportunity. Next who is going to do the Tweets? One/two people maybe, anymore and the styles would be so random that it could put people off from following. Next, what to tweet about? Well that depends on each company but my company could tweet about reports that have just been published, events that analysts are speaking at, interesting headlines from the industry, the odd free statistic (everyone loves a free stat), new blog posts (not from my blog), give-aways – first 50 to @ get a complimentary copy of a report, new features on the website, our own events and twittering during the event and maybe some personal stuff like babies born and books to read. Well these are my ideas, which of course I didn’t say during the meeting because of a lack of confidence and I need time to think of things through I suppose. So instead I write about them on here and publish them to the world!


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