How time flies by

20 years ago today the Hillsborough disaster happened that killed 96 people at the worst sporting disaster ever in the UK.  I’m not a football fan but I remember the horrible pictures that were plastered all of the papers the next day.  I don’t think those photos would be published now if it happened today as they were very gruesome.  For the past few days there has been a lot of coverage over the disaster, how the relatives of the deceased are still fighting for justice and memories from survivors. It is one of those events that can still bring a tear to ones eye.

The other sad thing is how time can fly by so quickly – 20 years ago I was a teenager and the country was just about to go through a recession. There was so much I could have done since then but I feel like I haven’t and 20 years have whizzed by. How the hell did that happen? Does that mean the next 20 years will go just as quick without much happening? Just thinking that it is the middle of April and I can’t think of what I have done in the past four months – oh yeah, I been worrying and depressed about everything. What a waste of time but I still worry about things. Not sure what else to write about now as this should be about the sadness of the day and not my selfish anxiety thoughts.

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