A good day

When I wrote up this morning, which was a bit late as I kept hitting the snooze on the alarm, I felt really anxious. Not sure why but maybe having a terrible night’s sleep with lots of weird dreams did it but I really thought today was going to be a bad worry day for me.  After a shower which really helps with my congestion and while watching the local news it was reported that the tube lines that I get was suspended due to a passenger alert, so I did the sensible thing and worked at home for a couple of hours this morning. This meant I could have tea and toast for breakfast and not have to worry about travelling on the train in rush hour. Before 11am I left home and walked to the station where I saw one of my Twitter friends – don’t really know each other except through Twitter so we both smiled at each other in a ‘I think I know you’ kind of way. It was kind of cool though to actually see someone in real life who I have met through Twitter.

Got to work before lunch and spent the afternoon enjoying myself with database and other normal jobs. Also, spent some time helping with a colour scheme for part of our website, which was great fun and chatting about logo design which ended up being a conversation about Conor Oberst. The afternoon just whizzed by and before I knew it, it was 6.30pm and time to go home. Spent this evening downloading the Conor Oberst and the Mystic Valley Band free documentary which took about an hour and half to complete. Now I’m half watching it while drinking a beer and writing this. Which also means it’s time for bed so I’m torn between watching the document or doing the dishes and an early night, but overall I’m thankful that today was a good day.


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