My Mantra

I’ve never really had a mantra before even when I was learning yoga but today I’ve decided on one – “Trust in yourself”.  I was reading one of supplements from last week’s Sunday Times and one of the regular articles is an interview with a well known person and one of their relatives.  It mentioned that this person’s mother used to leave notes on his notice board saying trust in yourself as he had a severe lack of confidence. It must have worked as he is now a TV presenter and seems to have lots of confidence. Obviously, a lot of people can fake confidence especially through TV and music but even to have that sort of confidence I would love to have. So from now on I am going to use “Trust in yourself” when I’m feeling down and very low in confidence.

The other thing I was thinking of getting back in to that might help with my anxiety is yoga.  I did about three years of learning yoga but haven’t done any practice for about 2 years.  My yoga teacher was batty as hell but for her age (about 65) she could bend in to any position that I knew I couldn’t.  To be honest there was parts of yoga that I just couldn’t get the hang of – certain positions used to make my head ache and laying on my front on a very thin mat used to be painful – I’m a bit too bony for that.  There were some parts of it that I really enjoyed but I couldn’t get in to the whole philosophy of yoga which was most probably was half the problem with my yoga learning.  Still I know the benefits of it – supple joints, relaxation and mediation.  With my new mantra I am going to start with some breathing techniques and some basic yoga stretching a couple of times a week with the emphasis on learning mediation. Hopefully this will be good for my mind and soul.


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