A nation of complainers?

Since last year there has been an increasing rise in the general public complaining about TV shows and radio shows. Maybe there has always been complaints but the press never reported them as much. Nowadays it seems to be big news. There was approximately 38,000 complaints about the Ross/Brand/Sachs radio prank that went a bit wrong. On the actual day of the show only two people complained and then the tabloids got hold of the story. High profile presenters apologising and being suspended seemed to please the press. Then this year I have seen two other stories of the public logging complaints. The first was over a sports presenter interviewing the winning jockey from the Grand National. She mentioned that he could get his teeth fixed now with the winning cash and got him to smile at the camera. It was all done in jest and the jockey didn’t seem to mind. The presenter in mind is well known in the racing industry so the interview seemed more like old friends talking. I saw the programme and that’s what it looked like to me. 2,000 people complained and the presenter had to release a public apology.

Next was the burlesque (actually stripper) lady that entertained the masses on Britain’s Got Talent. So many complained about this even though all her ‘bits’ were blocked out. Really the whole show should be complained about and banned from the airwaves. Is it that it’s just easier for people to complain? Quickly get the computer going and complain through a website. Or are we so bored with our lives that we like to have something to moan about and feel proud of when the consequences are reported in the press? The other area of complaining is Twitter and not just “stupid computer has died again” but serious life or death complaining. #amazonfail proved that. I missed most of the story because it was the Easter weekend but read up on it afterwards. Amazon made a mistake, corrected it, apologised but according to #amazonfail they had committed more terrible crimes than Hitler. Maybe it’s not a national UK thing but most of the Western world is looking for things to vent their angry through. Twitter and digital media is providing that outlet.

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