Being a pixie

From the ages of 7-10 I used to be in the Brownies, the female version of the cubs/scouts. Those were the days of easy living and long summers. It is amazing how the brain only remembers the good times from childhood in a hazy manner.  My memories of the Brownies was a brown shift dress that had only one badge on it.  My pixie sixes group badge and that was it.  I also remember playing lots of games and laughing a lot. I was even bad at doing homework then because I remember having small books with homework on Brownie stuff, I assume. I never did any of the extra badges like baking cakes or wood turning.  I remember it being a good time though.

As far as I can tell the Brownies is still going strong and I know that my 9 year old niece goes. The uniform has changed quite a bit from my day. It is more yellow and brown now. I wonder if the girls can wear trousers – showing my age by remembering the days of girls/women being told they can’t wear trousers to clubs or work.  I was put off joining the Girl Guides by visiting one before leaving the Brownies and finding the atmosphere wasn’t as nice. Large groups of girls during the teenage years is not a nice place to be so no wonder I didn’t like the visit.  Thinking about it now the Adventure Scouts would have been a better club to join as it is mixed .  So, my memories on being a pixie are very green and fond of dancing and music. Ummm, that doesn’t sound too bad, maybe I should become a pixie again.

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