Lets spend – in a planned way

I’ve had a bit of a lucky streak lately with money (I really should buy a lottery ticket while I’m in the ‘luck’) and have a medium size amount to spend on myself without feeling guilty. Lucky that I used the joint savings to pay for the MacBook Pro a few months ago or I’ll be using this money to buy half of it. Now, all I’ve got to do is decide what to spend it on. Shouldn’t really be a problem but it feels like I should get something special or do something exciting with it. A bit like getting birthday money and thinking I must get something with it instead of putting it in my purse. The next thing you know the money is all gone and you can’t remember what you bought with it. My iPod touch is one of best birthday/Christmas money items I have ever purchased and I’ve got full value out of it.

I had one idea of getting a SLR digital camera. They are around £300 but could be a good investment for years to come. Then again would I used it often? They are big and bulky. My other idea was to get a new purse – my current one I got from my thirtieth birthday money so it has done well but it is from Burberry so it should last. There are a few graphic design books I would like to get and as most of them are around £25 each I could get a few of those. Then there is my holiday I’ve been thinking about – I could buy the tickets to see Conor Oberst just in case I do decide to go to Minnesota at the end of June. If I don’t go then I’m sure I know someone who would want my tickets instead. So I could use the money for part of the trip.  I’m sure I will think of something else as well so I will keep everyone posted on future spending.


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