The path of learning

On my path of learning I’m still considering going to Birkbeck University to start on the long path to gaining a degree.  I’m going to start with a Certificate of Higher Education first as this would be good preparation for getting back in to studying and finding my feet back in a classroom environment.  I had a good chat with one of my friends this evening about it and she pointed out that whatever I do it can’t be a bad thing. Any new learning is a good thing. But I still can’t decide between History or Web Technologies. I’ve always enjoyed history and have talked a many drunken times about wishing to do a history degree. When I look at the list of areas that is studied during the history degree I do get quite excited about the prospect of learning about them.

I also get quite excited about the learning about web technologies/information technology as well. Actually not all of it as in the final year of the degree it starts dealing with Maths. Maths was never a strong point for me at school so I don’t feel I would have the confidence to do well at it.  I also wonder if I would enjoy it as much as history.  My friend said that I might be good at Maths but the British have a very good way of putting ourselves down and saying we are rubbish at anything that we haven’t done in a while. Or we remember being told we wasn’t very good at school at something and that stays with us forever.  So, I’m back to my Mantra “Trust in yourself” and see if I can make a positive decision by June so I can start my classes in September.

1 Response to “The path of learning”

  1. 1 Nicola May 8, 2009 at 10:20 am

    Hi Michelle,

    I am a student at Birkbeck and I find it to be an excellent college – meeting and learning from the other students is one of best parts.

    In this respect the web one might great – I’m sure there will be lots of interesting experiences from other people in that.

    Good luck with making the decision – talking to the tutors and other people who are have started ths course helped me to choose the right course for me.

    Nic x

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