The 80s

I’m not sure if I written about the 80s before but if I haven’t then that’s because I have blocked out those memories. While chatting with colleagues about line dancing and big Texas hair the archive storage in my brain suddenly came to life and reminded me of some seriously dodgy perms. The eighties has to be one of the worse decades for bad fashion and maybe some music. Living through it once was bad enough (I was young and naive) but when I see fluorescent leg warmers and women wearing men’s oversize suit jackets I just want to cringe. Oh why, have the fashion designers decided to reinvent the eighties.

This is my recollection of eighties fashion, if I have missed anything significant then please let me know (preferably with a picture if you are old enough). Let’s start with the whole power suit era – shoulder pads, high-wasted pleated and tapered trousers, pearls with twin sets, Filofaxes, Poison perfume. Luckily as I was a teenager during the eighties I don’t really remember wearing this whole look except most jackets did have shoulder pads. I was more into the stone washed jeans with matching jean jacket, leg warmers, bat wing tops in sharp graphics normally in shades of pale pink and grey. Red leather jackets (yes I did owe such an item), lace fingerless gloves, ear-muffs, ra-ra skirts, lilac tracksuits (I never owed a shell suit). The hair was the worst thing of the eighties – perms, lots of hairspray and highlights. Obviously hairdressers spent those ten years perfecting these techniques because I don’t remember ever having a decent hair style in the eighties. I have many bad photos of myself with half grown out perms (none of which will make it on here). Bad brightly coloured eye shadow was all the rage as well. I’m so surprised anyone got a date in those days but then again the men weren’t dressed any better. Miami Vice and mullet hair cuts come to mind. Nice. Happy Friday everyone!


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