Getting crafty and watching a bit of running

I wrote about the London Marathon last year so I don’t really feel I can repeat myself but this time the weather was a lot better. Maybe for spectators but maybe not for the runners. It was a warm day today with a bit of a breeze whereas last year was very wet.  I don’t run very far but when I do I get so hot quickly that I would have just collapsed in the heat. Saying that I doubt that I would ever be able to run 26.2 miles but who knows what the future holds (blimey that sounded all a bit optimistic – very unlike me). This year there was the usual costumes running about London, like Sponge Bob Square Pants, a donkey, Santa Claus, elephants, etc. Well done to all those who ran – it’s a great achievement in my eyes. It was nice to see that someone who lives down my street ran the marathon as I spotted him walking up the street with his medal and wearing one of the sponsor t-shirts.

It has also been a crafty weekend for me – which I have found to be very therapeutic. The first thing I did was some sewing, something I haven’t done in years. I had an idea to revamp a boring blue cardigan that I had, so me and one of my best friends (who I met at college during my display design years) went to a local craft shop and I managed to spend £15 on card, buttons, sticky pads and other crafty items. Yesterday I took all the blue buttons off the cardigan and sewed new buttons on that where all different buttons with different coloured threads. I was quite pleased with the finished result and I’m currently wearing the cardigan as I write this, even though I’m now thinking about adding more to it like ribbons or bows.  The other piece I’m working on is creating a birthday card for my sister-in-law. I have been cutting up card and sticky bits together. I’ve nearly finished it but I need to use the guillotine at work to cut the actual card to a perfect size then I can glue the decorations on. I’m hoping that I can keep this creative streak going for a while as it has been fun.

Blue Cardigan

Blue Cardigan

Work in progress

Work in progress


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