Bright light at the end of the tunnel

My colleague in America is back full time after having 9 weeks maternity leave (from my point of view the length of maternity leave in the States is great) so finally now I can see the light at the end of tunnel. And it is bright! Now I’m catching up with all the work that I’ve should have done while covering. Work that wasn’t really urgent unlike my colleagues work, but is important. Once I’ve done these important jobs I can get back on track with practicing my graphic skills and catching up with reading the reports that my company produces. I’m so looking forward to having my comfort zone back at work and getting back to all the fun stuff on a more full time basis.

Hopefully with all the stress alleviated at work I can concentrate on other things that need sorting as well. For one my HTML self learning (I feel like a broken record by saying with this again), the same goes for running and ice-skating, getting help for my phobias, making lunches for work (this could save me a lot of money), booking my own trip to USA, making new cocktails instead of sticking to Manhattans, music is in here somewhere as well and basically doing things that I enjoy.  The other thing I need to start working on again is my confidence. I need to build it up again as I feel it has taken a huge knock lately.  I need to start saying what I would like to do and expressing my thoughts/ideas more often.  Right, that is enough life coaching for one day – I’ve got some music to listen to.


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