To blog or not to blog

That was the question that I tweeted out on Twitter earlier as it’s been a week since I have written anything and I have lost the motivation to start again. That’s what happens when you go on holiday and there is a distinct lack of internet access in the village you are staying in.  The only bit of writing that I did all week was for the visitors book in the cottage that we stayed in – that was two pages about how great the cottage was and how much rain we had.  And by jove did it rain.  We stayed in a small village in the Lake District called Braithwaite in a lovely two bedroom two bedroom Victorian cottage. An added bonus was being able to see the local pub from the kitchen window. We had a good few days of sunny weather and made the most of them by doing some low level walks so my 9-month old niece would get used to being carried around on the back of her father.  From Monday through to Wednesday it rained non-stopped which limited our hikes with the little one.

Cottage in Braithwaite

Cottage in Braithwaite

After two days of walking around in wet but beautiful scenery we decided to have an afternoon off and had a bit of drive about the countryside.  The last day was rain free but it was blowing a gale, which made for an interesting (and chilly) walk.  All in all it was a lovely holiday with too much drinking and eating (like most holidays), hill walking (unlike most holidays) and lots of sleep. Having no alarm to wake up to was wonderful and this morning was a killer as we had to be vacate the cottage at 10am.  Still I have two days before getting back in to the routine of getting up for work and trying to think what to wear. That is one of the best things about holidays – wearing whatever you like and not having to worry about what shoes are comfy for walking to and from work.

View from back garden

View from back garden




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