Can’t cook, won’t cook

I’d decided before my holiday that I would start making salads for lunches while at work.  Since the office moved to Covent Garden in to a managed office and due to health and safety laws we can’t have a toaster in the office plus the fact that the microwave is in the communal kitchen in the basement, I have stopped having toast for breakfast and using the microwave to make porridge or warming up soups at lunchtime. Tried the whole soup thing before Christmas but it is tricky carrying a bowl of hot soup up three flights of stairs. Another problem with shared offices is that there are never enough bowls in the kitchen areas.  Anyway, since January I have been spending a small fortune on food while at work, from breakfast baguettes at Pret to soup from Eat everyday.  Sometimes I will get a cheap jacket potato from the stall in the market area or a pasta salad from Tescos but I must spend on average £5-6 a day which in a week is £25-30. I don’t really want to think about how much that is in a month but it’s a lot.

This is why I want to start taking salads to work – sandwiches are OK but I don’t enjoy making them the day before whereas lots of different salads can be made at the weekend and kept in Tupperware in the fridge for days.  My intention is to make coleslaw, potato salad, couscous, cook up some pasta and the usual lettuce, cucumber, peppers, tomatoes, baby corn etc, for my salads. For protein I will either add boiled eggs, houmous or some cheese. Feta is a good one for a Greek feel to the salad.  To add some punch to the salad I will add sun-dried tomatoes and hot pickled peppers. My only problem is my laziness to cooking (also I’m not always allowed in the kitchen unless baking cakes) – will I have the motivation to get this all cooked and prepared on a Sunday afternoon?  Normally the problem with my cooking is that I’m so damned hungry that I just want something quick and easy to cook. I hope I can get going with this plan then I can save the money for something more exciting like an item of clothing or some music.

2 Responses to “Can’t cook, won’t cook”

  1. 1 Cynical Scribble May 11, 2009 at 9:01 pm

    I started making my own lunches too. I had a moment of clarity realising how much money I was spending on sandwiches. Ridiculous amounts. It definitely saves money making your own lunch…it’s just an absolute pain to do!

    I’ve just noticed you’re no longer reading War and Peace – what was the verdict?

  2. 2 Michelle Best May 11, 2009 at 9:27 pm

    Yeah, I know what you mean about it being a pain!

    I’ve haven’t finished War and Peace yet, got about 200 pages in and needed a break from it. It is a really good story but I just needed something with less pages to read for a while (if you get what I mean).

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