Two random thoughts

Nothing really important to say today so I’m doing one of my random thought posts. Last night I hit the 10,000 mark on views for my little old blog. Funnily enough as time goes on I’m increasingly not that interested in how many people actually view my blog – I just enjoy writing it for the hell of it. I still check the stats everyday and sometimes I’m surprised by 72 hits in one day – like yesterday. Blood pressure is obviously hot topic in the bloggersphere. My word, I remember my company writing a report about the bloggersphere about five years, I definitely didn’t think then that I would end up writing a blog. If anyone else would like some good top posts I recommend writing about your local ice rink, goldfish, set lists for concerts, street artists and sinking boats.

My other thought is that I had one of days where I was busy but it felt like I hadn’t actually done/finished anything. Being the only woman in the office I get all the fun jobs like picking up and sorting out the post, looking at moving in to a smaller office in the same managed office, disposal of old PCs, office management etc. Now I don’t mind doing these jobs but they seem to make me procrastinate on other jobs. I don’t think it helps just coming back from holiday but I do need to set up a filing system for all the office management papers before we move office, get going again on the company intranet and other things I was doing before. Before when? Before I stressed myself out so much with work/life that I couldn’t do anything in a straight mind. Some planning is needed here and tomorrow will be the day I start that planning.


2 Responses to “Two random thoughts”

  1. 1 Cynical Scribble May 13, 2009 at 9:35 pm

    I used to worry about how many were reading my blog for some reason, but I’m not bothered nowadays. I think I’ve only just crawled over 5k hits, I doubt I’ll be going long enough to get 10k…unless I write something controversial…just to see what happens…hmmmm

    *evil laughter*

    • 2 Michelle Best May 14, 2009 at 8:16 pm

      I hope you keep writing – I like your blog and your style of writing is good and fun! Can’t wait for the Doctor Evil post. šŸ™‚

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