Procrastination and adulthood dreams

In my pursuit to stop my procrastination and get my time management skills sorted even though I know I can’t do everything, I stumbled upon an video by Randy Pausch. It’s a great lecture by a very charismatic man who only had a few months to live and he spoke about how not to waste time. One thing in particular stuck in my mind was about deadlines. It’s a great procrastination technique to leave things to the last moment because of a deadline then that item becomes an urgent item. His idea is once all the other urgent work is done then start on other work before they become urgent. So this is my new work motto, let’s see if I can achieve it. From this video, Pausch also had done a lecture on achieving childhood dreams.

Now I couldn’t actually remember any childhood dreams, maybe it’s more of an American thing to have childhood dreams, us Brits aren’t that optimistic. Anyhow, I’ve decided to create some adulthood dreams instead and see if I can achieve them. Looking back on my blog has helped me to collect a few but I have a feeling that I might think of others as time goes on. My first dream is to gain a degree. In what subject, I haven’t decided yet but I’m starting the process by going to Birkbeck University in June for an open day. Second on my list has to do with web design and coding. I have an odd passion for this which half the time I don’t think I’m clever or good enough to do but I’ll keep trying. This is one of the reasons that I want to stop my procrastination so I can start self-teaching myself. Thirdly, I would still like to live aboard pref in America – not forever unless a great opportunity arose for that but for at least a few months. There are other things that I have mentioned on there before like being able to run 5K and get to a stage of regularly running 5K. Joining a women’s ice hockey team. I tried this one last year but my local rink doesn’t have a women’s team. My latest dream is to see Conor Oberst and the MVB play live in their own country.  Maybe next year I will get this dream achieved. Thinking about these dreams I feel that they should be elaborate like getting my picture taken with Conor Oberst or running a marathon or playing an ice hockey game in Canada or north America or becoming a great web designer.  As with all dreams they are going to take a lot of hard work and planning on my behalf so I had better stop procrastinating and get going on them.

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