Book storage

I’ve been thinking about how to get a bookcase to fit in to my lounge or even in the hallway so all my books can be moved out from the spare bedroom and actually put on show. What I actually mean is to see them on a regular basis – I like seeing my books and it also reminds of what I have read or the books that I haven’t read yet. Since starting the 100 Big Read I have been given books that are even on the list or not but I haven’t got round to reading them yet.  I really wish I was a faster reader so I could get through these books more quickly. I read on the train but nowadays I will blog on the way home so I only get about 30 minutes of reading in. I’ve never got in to the habit of reading at night – if I am reading at home then it is either other people’s blogs or the Sunday Times (one of those can keep me going all week with the supplements). I’ve stopped buying magazines as they seem to repeat themselves after a while and are full of adverts.

Anyway, I wasn’t really going to write about my reading skills but on how I would like a bigger house. “My neighbour dreams big as his house is small”. Well, I’m the neighbour.  It’s not actually that I live in a small house – it’s a three-bed semi. It’s just that the rooms are small compared to my old Victorian tw0-bed.  I’m sure most people have their ideal home but most will never get that. My ideal home isn’t huge like a six-bed detached with 20 acres of land and stables but there are just a few extras that I would like. Three bedrooms is fine – I don’t have kids but an en-suite and dressing room would be lovely. A guest bedroom with bathroom, great for when I finally get to move out to the country and family would like to visit. A cupboard to store all the towels and linen in. A utility room and a study.  Then finally, all the rooms slightly larger than I have now so I could build a fantastic bookcase for all my books. Not that I have tons of books but I do like to buy them and see them on display.


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