A size of a book

Sadly, I’ve come to the conclusion that the more pages a book has the more daunting I find it, which in turn means I just can’t get in to it. Last year I managed to finish David Copperfield and I loved it but this year I been trying to read War & Peace. 200 pages in and I have now put it to one side. I’m now reading Grapes of Wrath which is 400+ pages and for some reason it just feels so much easier to get through.  If only War & Peace was printed in a trilogy form like Lord of the Rings, that I might be almost finishing it soon. Even today I picked up my Web Design in a Nutsell book which is about 1000+ pages and I thought to myself I would need a month off to finish this book.  I don’t think that is true but you get the idea.  Then I’ve got to get my brain to retain this new information.

I’m not a fast reader as it is, so using the methods that I’ve found on the internet to retain information, like writing notes while reading or mentally summarizing a chapter would just take me forever to finish a book but as I have read many times before, the more you read the better and faster at it you become. The same is said about writing and I have found that true with writing my blog. I’m still not a great speller, my grammar is something to be desired and I’m not a Wordsmith but compared to a year ago I have definitely improved.  Maybe my reading has improved but I just haven’t noticed. As I’m writing this I can hear the self doubt in myself again – I wonder where this terrible lack of confidence and constant desire for approval and praise comes from. On that note I’m going to go to bed now and read a few pages.


2 Responses to “A size of a book”

  1. 1 Cynical Scribble May 20, 2009 at 5:50 pm

    I’m the same, the size of the book is a bit daunting for me too. I can fly through 300/500 page books no problem. Anything bigger and it takes me an age. Although once I do finish a large book, my simple head always feels a sense of achievement and I give myself a gold star and a ‘well done’ sticker.

    You could always try taking the scissors/knife to War & Peace and cut it into three?!

  2. 2 Michelle Best May 20, 2009 at 8:35 pm

    More like a chainsaw to cut up War & Peace! But that is a great suggestion, thanks.

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