And another thing!

Not really but carrying on from yesterday’s post, another thing about not being fully aware of everything and generally feeling like shite most of time means I’ve gone off shopping. I think it started with feeling ill and claustrophobic when in busy surroundings. Going to a shopping centre just made it worse so gradually I stopped going except for those emergencies like birthdays. This should have been great for my bank balance but I still managed to spend very penny on what I can’t tell. I found I could do smaller shops where I knew what I wanted like buying whiskey from the spirits shop and cards from Paperchase because it is a small shop in Covent Garden.

Now that I’m feeling almost normal, the bank balance has taken a big hit. Shopping for clothes in H&M and TopShop, books and notebooks (plus more books from Amazon) and now that the weather is slowly starting to improve, it makes me want to buy lots of new summer clothing but I know I won’t as I don’t have the cash for it.  The only thing I will get next pay day is some new jeans. Since I’ve been wearing them everyday for work my jeans are fading and getting worn out.  Once I’ve got some new jean then I’m seriously considering getting myself a SLR digital camera so I can be a happy snapper!


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