New things to try

This is going to be a very quick post as it is a lovely day here and I want to spend as much as possible outside looking at my plants, especially after I purchased some vegetables. I got a couple of Butternut squashes, a courgette, a aubergine and a pumpkin. Now I’ve got to keep them alive. On other new things that I’m trying to do, I’ve been trying to remember my childhood skills of potato stamping for invites to a BBQ that we are going to hold in July. Had a quick go just now and I think my perfection on everything has differently increased since I was eight but I will keep practicing and buying potatoes. I’ve also booked my first ever piano lesson that will start in the middle of June. I’ll write more about that nearer the time. The other new thing is that I would like to do some cooking so I’m going to have a go at making veggie burgers. Not sure if that will be now or tomorrow but I will try the recipe out one day this week. A new recipe a week is the plan – I might have to start working at home on those days so I can prepare at lunchtime. Well, that is it – hope everyone is enjoying their weekends.


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