I nearly wore a skirt today but two things stopped me. The first was that all my summer skirts are hidden away in the loft, I hope and number two, my legs are so white that I was afraid that I would scare small children and blind animals with their whiteness. Legs seem to take ages to get any colour and with the limited days of sun that the UK gets I’m wondering if fake tan is the only route I can go down to get my bare legs out. I have tried fake tans from the professional St Tropez spray tan (just to glamour model/girl band for my liking) to all the do-it-yourself brands that can be purchased at all good chemists and supermarkets. Also I don’t like the smell of fake tans, even those body lotions with a hint of tan smell the same.

I always find that I’m not very good at applying fake tan evenly. I’m sure there is a knack to this – maybe also practice makes perfect. I just don’t wear skirts or shorts enough to make me want to practice my blending techniques often but maybe now is that time. The weather forecasters are predicting a hot summer this year and skirts are much cooler than jeans. Then again I could just bare the white legs until they need waxing again. Waxing, now that is a totally different issue. One of my friends has just had legs lasered and is now hair free permanently. It does cost a lot but after a few years of waxing the cost evens itself out. I’ve just got to get over the whole pain issued that is involved in laser treatment – just like the same issue I have with getting a tattoo, the pain! What a wimp I am.


2 Responses to “Tantastic”

  1. 1 fayezie June 3, 2009 at 12:23 am

    I say set those legs free and wear the skirts, screw worrying about the tan (if you really don’t like the bottled stuff), and after a while you’ll forget all about it. cheers.

    • 2 Michelle Best June 3, 2009 at 9:38 pm

      Thanks, I think I am going to embrace the whiteness and hopefully that way I will get a bit of natural colour on them. That really does depend on the weather though 🙂

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