Busy ole day

When I woke up this morning I thought it was going to be a rubbish worry day but luckily it turned in to a good day.  I did my five deep breaths before leaving the house and even though I missed my train my worries seemed to disappear without me even realising it.  Had a busy morning sorting out some office management issues and then an old colleague came to the office for a meeting with another colleague who works from home nowadays. Had a good catch up and then went to lunch with my colleague for a yummy lunch at Chez Gerrard, which overlooks Covent Garden Plaza. Alfresco lunch and good company was wonderful on a sunny but not too hot day.  The afternoon went whizzing by and I spent most of it catching up with the work that I normally do in the mornings. Why does it take so much longer to do these jobs in the afternoon.

Did the usual things when I got home, went for a short run, watered my vegetables plants, dinner and then washed up.  Then we went to vote at the local school for the European elections. That was one long list of parties to vote for and many that I have never heard of like the Jury Party! Had a quick beer in the pub afterwards and now I’m quickly writing this before heading off for an early night.  I just can’t believe another week has gone by so fast and it is nearly Friday already.


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