An art makeover

For the past year or so I have been thinking and most probably talking about getting back into painting and drawing. This afternoon I finally managed to get the acrylic paints and brushes out and got to work. Well, not straight away as I didn’t know what to paint. Maybe this has been my problem all along, never knowing what to draw. I imagine this starts at school as your teachers are always telling or putting ideas in to your head so you never really have to think about it too much.  Even with final projects for exams there is always a course question which an outline of what is needed. So now I have the time to create anything I just don’t know what to create.  I can look at a wealth of bookmarking sites, books and magazines but I don’t really want to copy someone else’s work and ideas.

So I decided to paint a tree – seemed like a good place to start and I enjoyed the feeling of painting again. I’m hoping to finish it off tomorrow but what I really need to do is find something that I’m inspired to draw and paint. Find my niche or maybe I should stick with bowls of fruit. On another interesting note my drinks cabinet is now finished after it’s makeover. This unit is about 70 years old as it was originally owned by my husband’s nan who is 98 and had this cupboard when she got married. It’s not worth anything as it’s made from plywood but with a lick of paint and some new glass handles it looks lovely. Plus the contents is pretty good too!




1 Response to “An art makeover”

  1. 1 lorilandisart October 27, 2009 at 9:14 pm

    Hi MJ, Found your blog listed under mine. As far as figuring out what to paint try doing a Mandala. Here in AZ Navajos use mandalas for sacred healing. Just start with a circle and put in lines, dots, circle within a circle because that frees you up so you just let go and not have to “make” something identifiable just fun. It’s like just putting a mark of color just release your creativity. Sincerely, Lori

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