Trust in yourself

One of the blogs that I read is called “Believe in Yourself”, which isn’t a self help site but more of a blog with interesting stories and diary entries by the author. This morning the latest post was about not listening to others who are pessimistic or dismissive of your dreams and ideas. The outline of the story was about frogs(!) and that the deaf frog achieved a dream because it couldn’t hear the negative voices around him (or her). It made me think about my dreams and I realised that all my friends and family are really supported and encouraging but it’s my own thoughts that stops me. Negative voices saying “you’re not clever enough”, “you won’t finish the course”, “too lazy” etc etc.

So I need to turn a deaf ear on myself so I can start a degree course and some other dreams that I have. It’s going to be tough and there will be times when I wish I had more support or more time to do these other things but I need to trust in myself to get through it. I must remember to keep saying my mantra “Trust in Yourself” more often.  I’m sure once I get in to more of a habit of trusting myself I will get more things done and stop putting myself down all the time. I’ve been great at remembering to do five deep breaths when I’m feeling stressed or anxious and that seems to be really working. Small steps one at a time. I’m not sure if a degree will help me decide on what I would like to do with my life but it’s a start in the right direction.


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