Some more random thoughts

Damn, I hate evenings like this when I can’t think of anything to write about. I rack my brain for something and then I scan the news sites for something to get me going but no, nothing is coming to my mind. So, I’ll go back to my trusted and well used post called random thoughts.  I have finally found a good sandwich bar in Covent Garden that I can get my breakfast from. Two slices of brown toast buttered for 70p. After trying three other places with different degrees of price and friendliness the fourth place has been great. Good granary bread and friendly staff. After a week of going every morning they now know what I have and ask how my weekend was – cool. It just shows you how friendly staff can make all the difference in retail.

One other random thought is my mind control over a worry moment I had today. Sometime this afternoon I had a funny dizzy thing while sitting at my desk and typing up an email. I’ve had this before but not in a long while and I’m sure it’s because I was staring at my PC too hard or I’ve done something to my neck with all the lifting of boxes that I have done lately with moving office. Who knows. Still it made me worry and feel ill. So I did quite a few deep breaths and had a Rescue Remedy sweet. Basically I tried to calm myself down. When I left the office I still felt a bit anxious about it. Once I got home after a bit of a nightmare journey, I went for a run, cooked dinner and did a couple household chores and I completely forgot all about it. Even now I feel OK about it which for me is great as a few months ago I would have imagined that I had a terrible illness by now and feeling really low about it.  So, for somme more deep breathing and then hopefully for a good night sleep.

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