What more cooking?

Oh yes! More cooking. That makes four meals and one item of baking in almost a week. I don’t think I have cooked this much in years and proper cooking, not just sticking something in the oven.  It started with the Cannellini and Red Pesto Burgers on Friday night, followed by making Minestrone soup for Sunday lunch and then baking Scones that afternoon as well.  Last night I cooked Haddock in garlic and butter, jacket potato and avocado salad. Tonight I made Asparagus and Lemon Risotto – a mish mash of two recipes with added broad beans (frozen not fresh). Tomorrow or Friday night I fancy making a Moroccan Vegetable Stew like the one I had at Chez Gerrard last week. Finding the recipe for that dish is proving a bit difficult as everyone has their own opinions/ideas on what a Moroccan Vegetable Stew is.

Now, I’m wondering where this new found interest in cookery has come from. It might either be the lighter nights or I’m actually thinking it might because I’m actually doing some exercise. I’ve been running for about 7-8 minutes every night for ten days now and the cooking has been going on for about five days. I’ve heard that exercise gives you more energy and it seems that it does. This is an interesting development and as I’m actually enjoying my running now (still short and sweet) I think this might be something I could do everyday. Which means I have found my running technique at long last – short runs that will hopefully get longer as time goes on but everyday.  Or at least six days a week. This proves again I am a creature of habit.


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