Potpourri and other useless stuff

At work there is a bowl of potpourri by the sink in the ladies toilet and I came to the conclusion that potpourri must be one of the most pointless items to have in a home (or work place).  Lots of dried bits of wood, plants, flowers dyed in various colours and perfumed.  From memory potpourri has a habit of losing its smell within a few minutes and collecting dust. One of the great trends of the eighties that still seems to be about in the most oddest of places. I’m sure that are more useless items around the household that I could mentioned like chocolate fondues that people like to give as presents for Christmas or those knitted crinoline lady toilet roll covers from the 70s.

There seems to be a ton of stuff to buy for kitchens nowadays from bread makers to gadgets that can slice hard boiled eggs.  As I have a very small kitchen with limited cupboard space there is no room for these type of gadgets. I just about got a dishwasher fitted in the small space so no food mixers or ice-cream makers for me.  Another part of the household that I would class as useless is the loft and maybe the shed.  I can’t stand lofts and sheds – full of junk that is easy to hide. Full of spiders and other creepy crawlies. Rubbish and dust. Maybe that is why men like sheds and lofts so much, if they keep them this way it stops the women going in them often and seeing what they are up to.


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